The Story of Don Donato

11046454_934142689963903_7634890904176360504_oDon Donato has been rolling tobacco since the ripe age of 15. Back in his hometown of Taboril Santiago, Dominican Republic, he hails rom a long line of tobacco rollers and crop holders. His Passion was birthed as a kid watching his dad run a tobacco shop. As he grow older, Don wanted to refine his skills and so he started working as a apprentice for Leon Jimenez Co. Its was a experience that propelled him into his career, first working at government owned tobacco plant “Campania Anonima Tabacalerra” In the Dominican republic and then going on to work for Dominican tobacco giant Arturo Fuente. It was there that don developed true expertise. With bigger dreams in mind. Don Headed to the united States in the 80’s Don Landed a job at New york City Olivare Cigars .There he was rolling an average of 250 cigars per day . Gaining More notoriety. He quickly moved up the ranks to a job in Miami at cabana Cigars. But Don soon realized that his skills were enough to make it on his own and open Hoboken Cigars In New Jersey in 2001. When you pick up a Don Donato Premium Rolled Cigar, you can appreciate a decade of passion and skill that hard to find

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